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  • Awaken Student Ministry

We see this broken world as it is. War and violence are rampant. Hunger, starvation, poverty and sickness afflict every continent. In our hearts, we know humanity was created for a better world.

refresh: making all things new againWe also believe God is restoring all things. He is bringing them back to his original design and purpose. He started his restoration through the life, death, and resurrection of his Son, Jesus. He continues to repair through the power of his Spirit working through the church. God is overhauling every broken part of his creation, including individuals like you and me. As he mends and repairs us, he invites us to work with him in his restoration project.

That’s our purpose. We work to help people connect with God, to encourage the brokenhearted and to support those in need. We gather together to worship God, to encourage and support each other as we share God’s love in practical ways. You are welcome to come this Sunday. That way you can discover the part you can play in God’s restoration venture.